The MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have significantly increased scale of online education, bringing great opportunities to understand learner behaviours and design intelligent personalized and collaborative learning systems in an unprecedented way. Large datasets collected from online learning platforms enable researchers from data science and learning science as well as educators to work together to answer educational questions in the learning process and improve the overall quality of education. To this end, educational data mining and learning analytics are emerging as interdisciplinary research fields that attracts lots of research attention from both academia and industry.

The DMMOOC 2018 workshop addresses issues of data management and mining in a wide range of MOOC related scenarios. The goal of the workshop is to provide a platform for researchers, educators and practitioner from academia and industry to present their latest progress and discovery from the perspective of diverse MOOCs related applications. We intend this workshop to act as a place where people from different disciplines can find a platform to discuss issues of data management and mining in both conventional and emerging MOOCs related scenarios. Potential participants may come from research communities such as data management, data mining, education science, machine learning, information retrieval or any other areas related to the MOOCs.

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