Accepted Papers

Full Papers

DMMOOC2018-03: A Learning Analytic Model for Smart Classroom
Qunbo Wang, Wenjun Wu and Yuxing Qi
DMMOOC2018-07: Understanding User Interests Acquisition in Personalized Online Course Recommendation
Xiao Li, Ting Wang, Huaimin Wang and Jintao Tang
DMMOOC2018-08: A Learning Analytics System for Cognition Analysis in Online Learning Community
Yinan Wu and Wenjun Wu
DMMOOC2018-09: A Semantic Role Mining and Learning Performance Prediction Method in MOOCs
Zhiqiang Liu and Yan Zhang
DMMOOC2018-10: Mooc Guider: An End-to-end Dialogue System for Mooc Users
Yuntao Li and Yan Zhang
DMMOOC2018-11: AUnet: an unsupervised method for answer reliability evaluation in Community QA systems
Ruoqing Ren, Haimeng Duan, Wenqiang Liu and Jun Liu
DMMOOC2018-12: Model and Practice of Crowd-based Education
Xinjun Mao
DMMOOC2018-14: Exploring Business Models and Dynamic Pricing Frameworks for SPOC Services
Zhengyang Song, Yongzheng Jia and Wei Xu